1. What’s the big deal about Microsoft Apps built in if you didn’t mind Windows Accessories in Windows XP/7

  2. I came here expecting something like changing registry keys to use more resources for a certain type of application over another, or maybe some sort of software that could automate the annoying ass process of short stroking a hard disk, or overclocking a graphics card. What I got was a guide on how grandpa can speed up his Dell that came with windows XP and he wants to know how he can make this new age technology work on it.

  3. This grandpa says thanks for your article and assistance. What’s a Dell 😂😂😂

  4. Also on My PC under advanced settings you can select he best performance checkbox to reduce the amount of animations and GUI overhead.

  5. So i really like the idea behind this article, however the correct way to do this would be by doing benchmarks of a selection of games before and after and comparing average framerates

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