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You are here because you are searching for the best gaming chair. And the only purpose of this guide is to present you the gems among a lot of rubbish that is out there.

We have researched and tested over 100 pc gaming chairs on the market to find the best ones. We have researched in forums, interviewed industry experts, and thoroughly tested all of our recommendations.


Premium Gaming Chairs

Secretlab Titan
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+ Good ergonomics
+ Great Design
+ Top Build quality
- A bit high price
Noblechairs ICON

Best Price
-Great build quality and luxurious finishes.
-Great adaptability and orientation options.
- Extra firm backrest takes some getting used to.
- Leather upholstery must be kept free of moisture and well maintained.
Ergonomic Chair for gaming
Ergohuman Chair
Best Price+ Many Adjustment Options + Flexible + Smooth Adjustments at Fixed PositionsHeavy - Preference Dependent
Top gaming seat
GTOmega Evo XL
Best Price+ Great for big guys
+ Build quality
- Expensive
Best DXRacer Gaming seat
The Racing Series
Best Price+ Great Adjustment Options
+ Ment for long term gaming
- Expensive
- A bit too firm
Best for console players
X Rocker 51259 Pro
Best PriceGreat For Long Term Gaming - Extra features - DurableBulky - Preference Dependent
Steelcase LeapBest Price+Amazing Ergonomics
+Best build quality
- Expensive
Herman Miller AeronBest Price+ One of the best ergonomic gaming chairs out there!- Expensive
Read more in our full review..
Top pc gaming chair under 100
Giantex Ergonomic
Best PriceAesthetic - Profitable - Great QualityCan't withstand years - Fixed back tilt

Mid-range Gaming Chairs

Steelcase GestureBest PriceRobust Materials - Great Design - Comfortable for Long Term - Very DurableVery Heavy
Yaheetech High BackBest PriceSimplistic - Mnimalistic - InexpensiveReadjustments leads to more vulnerable chair
Top office chair for Gaming
Herman Miller Embody
Best PriceExtremly Ergonomic - Aesthetic Design - Outstanding Materials - Health BenefitsExpensive
IKEA MARKUS Best PriceGreat Head Support - Perfect Tilt Resistance - High Durability - Minimalistic designMostly Shipped in Europe - Tall
Office Star Progrid FreeflexBest PriceEssential parts - Not bulky - MobileNot Durable

Inexpensive Gaming Chairs

(Console Users)
X Rocker Chair
Best PriceSimplistic - Cheap - Extra FeaturesDanger For Feet - Easily Weared Out
Office Chair for Gaming
SAYL Herman Miller
Best PriceGreat For Long Term Work/Gaming - Known to Fix Back Issues - Great DesignHandles Are Undurable
Openwheeler Advanced Racing SeatBest PriceEssential For Racing GamersInstallment process

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When it comes to choosing the best gaming chair; comfort is a priority and aesthetics come second – most companies that market their product as a “gaming chair” seem to forget this.

In an attempt to imitate the likes of DXRacer, most gaming chair brands simply slap a cheap bucket seat on to an office chair mount, mark up the price tag and call it day; leaving many gamers who make the purchase feeling more than just a little sore about it.

Actual racing bucket seats were never meant to be comfortable; they’re built to aggressively hold you in place during high G maneuvers, be lightweight and still keep you mostly attached to your spine in the event of a crash.

There’s obviously quite a lot of appeal in the way that racing seats look, parked in front of your rig. And thanks to some smart folks, you can have both the spirit of the track as well as the comfort of a first-class lounge.

People often think that buying the best gaming chair, will improve their in-game performance. This is obviously not the case. Improvement in your gaming skills can only come from dedication and training. Keep in mind that only some minor improvements can be attributed to your hardware. A great gamer chair for your gaming sessions can make a big difference in terms of quality and posture.

Throughout the guide, you will notice us using the term ‘Gaming Chair’ a lot, and the term itself can be misleading.  A lot of times a gamer chair is just a rebrand of an office chair with some minor color tweaks but costs twice the price than the original chair. When we mention the term gaming chair, we are mostly talking about office chairs that we think are great for gaming sessions, and NOT necessarily chairs that are branded as gaming chairs.

Another mentionable fact is, that the X-Rocker chairs are not essential for console gaming. They are great to have and comes with convenient features. However, for some people, the x-rocker chairs can be somewhat uncomfortable during long gaming sessions. We, therefore recommend the PC gamer chairs as much as we recommend the x-rocker chair since the PC gaming chairs have better ergonomic features than the console gaming chairs.

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Best gaming chairs under 200

This category is for people who just want to have the “bare minimum” when it comes to gaming computer chairs. Although that may be the case for this price bracket, there is actually a really good gaming chair with some unique features that I will recommend below.
The ones that I will recommend to you are the gaming computer chairs that are consistently ranked at the top of this price bracket. So, without further ado, let’s start with a great cheap gaming chair from Office Star.

Budget PC gaming Chair: Office Star Progrid Freeflex


The Office Star ProGrid FreeFlex is a very comfortable PC chair to use when gaming! This chair actually provides excellent comfort at a budget price. It’s got three adjustment modules: one for the back, one for the height, and one for the armrest. What I love about this chair is that you can pretty much adjust this according to your preference. Although the appearance isn’t that appealing compared to other gaming computer chair on the market, for the price, the Office Star ProGrid FreeFlex is the Bare Minimum when it comes to comfort for prolonged gaming sessions. This is one of the best computer chairs for gaming.

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Console chair with speakers – X Rocker 51259 Pro


If the first best pc gaming chair 2017 wasn’t appealing to you, then this next one probably will. Next on our list of budget gaming chairs is the highly acclaimed X Rocker 51259 chair. This is one of those “Rocker” type game chairs and it is best mounted on a pedestal or a couch. This chair is made of fabric so it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. It’s got a very comfortable cushioning system for your back. It’s got a sturdy armrest as well. But those are not the things that made this gaming computer chair popular; what really made this game chair one of the best budget gaming chairs out there are its included features.

The X Rocker 51259 Pro Gaming Chair comes with 4 speakers (2 from each side) and an amazing subwoofer that outputs sound at the bottom of the rocker. Furthermore, it’s got a built-in wireless radio receiver and there is also an included wireless transmitter which can work with your RCA outputs. If you’re looking for a comfortable gaming chair with speakers with some speakers and a wireless radio receiver without breaking the bank, then this rocker chair is for you!

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Best Chair For Console gamers- X Rocker 


This is another X Rocker product with slightly better speakers, this model is the best console gaming chair. It comes with Two 2.1 speakers (one on each side) and a down-firing subwoofer with AFM technology for an immersive sound experience. Another major difference between this model and the previous one is the inclusion of a Bluetooth receiver that receives audio output from any Bluetooth-enabled device.
If you want to enjoy some tunes while gaming, the X Rocker 5172601 is a great choice. This cheap gaming chair is not only great for gaming but also for “rocking” as well!

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PC gaming chair under 100 – Giantex Ergonomic 


Now, the Giantex Ergonomic PU Leather is not a computer gaming chair but an office chair. Despite its distinction, this office chair is actually quite comfortable to use even when gaming for hours. Yes, it doesn’t come with gamer-centric features but the comfort is there. You get a very sturdy office chair with a premium look. It only has one adjustment module for the height. Still, it comes with a leather padding that is so comfortable to lean on and it also comes with an armrest as well. If you want a simple office chair that can also be used when gaming, then the Giantex Ergonomic PU Leather Chair is the one to buy.

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Yaheetech High Back


The last gaming office chair for the budget category is the Yaheetech Adjustable High Back Chair. It looks like the DXRacer alternative (another popular gaming chair that I will talk about later in the article) sans the bells and whistles. This chair’s padding is made of faux leather and nylon. It is pretty comfortable, though, some people have reported that it is a bit stiff for them. It also uses a steel frame for added durability as well. It comes in 4 colors: Black, Black/Yellow, Black/Blue, and Black/Red.

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Now that I’ve covered the budget gaming chairs, I will now talk about the midrange chairs for gamers.

The best gaming chairs of 2018

Many people ask me, “Do you really need to spend a lot of money on gaming chairs for pc?” My answer to that is yes, but quite situational depending on which type of games you play. If you play RPG games, that require a lot of grinding and time in the dungeons, then you will most likely sit in the same position for hours, in this case, it is worth spending a few extra bucks on a better chair.
The midrange gaming desk chairs on the market offer great comfort and features at an affordable price point. I will talk first about the most popular choice among gamers today, the DX Racer.

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DXracer gaming chair  

The DXracer chair comes in many versions, and there are only slight differences, and our review implies to most of the versions. The DX Racer is arguably the most common computer gaming chair you will see in most gamer’s setup. That is because the DX Racer has an ergonomic design, is sturdy, it has an extra high backrest to support your neck and your spine, it has an armrest, and it comes with a breathable material that will adjust itself when you sit on it. When gamers are asked why they bought the DX Racer among the many gaming desk chairs on the market, they say that the DX Racer improves your posture, especially when you’re playing competitive games like first-person shooters. Furthermore, the chair can be swiveled and it can be adjusted to your liking. Lastly, it comes in a wide variety of colors to truly match your gaming setup.

The DX Racer is not on the cheap end for a game chair. We recommend buying this chair if you’re really looking for that extra gaming atmosphere in your room. The chair by itself is a great option, but for the price, there are greater options. It is really just a matter of preference when it comes to the DX Racer, if you are willing to spend a little more extra for the stylisation, then go for it.

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Top office chair for Gaming – IKEA MARKUS Swivel Chair


The IKEA Markus chair is somewhere between a budget and a mid-range gaming desk chair, although we decided to place it in Mid-range due to its excellent quality. The IKEA Markus chair is a tall minimalistic chair with very comfortable padding. The chair is very inexpensive comparing it to the materials used and how remarkably well-built it is. The seat and neck rest is made from real leather, while the base is made from extremely robust and durable metal. Also, your back and backspin would appreciate this chair, thanks to the built-in lumbar support, that follows a natural curve of the body, at the spine lumbar area. Lastly, the swivel feature in this chair is quite unique, since the tensions are set to just the perfect amount, making it very comfortable during long gaming sessions. This can be called the best gaming chair Reddit, because many gamers on Reddit recommends it.

The IKEA Markus is something that we proudly recommend, however, there is just one thing to be aware of before purchasing, it is very tall and depending on your height, your head may not be able to rest on the leather headrest, other than that, a chair is an excellent option for gaming. Check out our gaming couch guide.

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Office chair for adult gamers – SAYL Chair Herman Miller Ergohuman-gaming-chair

The SAYL chair by Herman Miller is applauded for their fantastic minimalistic design and simplicity at its finest. The SAYL chair is perfect for long working days as well as long gaming sessions. It comes with great flexibility features and customization to target a broad audience. The tilt limiter is one of the great features, allowing you to recline to one of the three settings (91, 101 or 124 degrees). The non-adjustable back support is another unique feature. It simply includes a built-in posture fit, which properly supports the base of your spine helping your pelvis area to maintain a natural forward tilt. Although something to be aware of is that this chair depends on, a lot of preference since the back of the chair is very different from other chairs. The price for this beauty is expensive (499$), but if you are in need of a chair that can withstand years, then we reliably recommend the SAYL chair by Herman Miller.

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Best gaming seat under 300 – The Ergohuman Chair

best-gaming-chair 2017

Somewhere between midrange and high-end gamer chairs comes the notorious Ergohuman chair. The ergo human mesh chairs feature a lot of ergonomic adjustments for optimal comfort throughout the entire day. The design and construction are made sturdy and can withstand many years, thanks to the durable polished aluminum. The chair comes in many different colors for great stylization options for your desk. Lastly, the Ergohuman is also user-friendly for heavier persons with a little bit on the sides.

The mesh seat and back promote air circulation and an extra support for the back. The amount of adjustability and flexibility on this chair is outstanding. The adjustable features include a tilt tensions control, back angle, tilt locker, back height, seat heights and depths, synchro tilt, and adjustable arm height. All these configuration options put together makes this chair one of the excellent options for gaming as well as extreme work days, where you have to sit for over 6 hours.

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High-end PC gaming chairs

The last price bracket will be for the high-end gamer chairs, these chairs are definitely not cheap gaming chairs. Are there people willing to dish out a lot of money for a PC gaming chair? Of course, some of these chairs are actually worth the price.
Although you are not required to spend a lot of money for a chair, high-end chairs for gamers have all the great features money can buy.
In this category, I will recommend two of the best high-end chairs as of the time of writing this article. And no, I am not talking about expensive gaming chairs that do not have great features; I am going to be talking about great chairs for gamers that have all the features that warrant their price tag. First, let’s start with a really popular choice…

Most comfortable gaming chair – Noblechairs ICON Real Leather

top computer chairs for gaming

With the current state of the gaming chair market taking a strong interest in the edgy, race style bucket seats that share a strong following amongst popular twitch streamers; Noblechairs has seemingly taken a different approach to the whole idea and put forth a luxury automotive style gaming seat. The ICON Real Leather intends to make you feel like you’re seated in a luxury road sport rather than an FIA GT3 track monster – and that’s not a bad thing at all.

The luxurious touches come with a $500 price tag, of course, and this puts the chair in the same price range of most luxury office chairs; which makes sense, given that this is a luxury office chair that’s simply been built to cater to the hearts and minds of gamers.

With a solid frame and formidable presence, the ICON from Noblechairs makes somewhat of a statement wherever it finds itself; covered in real leather and prominent stitching in a quilted pattern, it has a bit of an executive air to it. The leather is soft and feels great when you’re in the chair, the comfort is adequate, and there’s great support for long hours.


  • + Adjustability:  The ICON offers good recline adjustability, but isn’t as impressive as many full-flat reclining gaming chairs. Extra lumbar and neck support comes in the form of soft foam pillows and the 4D adjustable armrests are padded with leather holstered foam. The recliner also offers a tilt control and lock for when you feel like kicking back and resting your legs or something. The height adjustment works on a gas powered hydraulic piston and does a rather fine job of staying firmly locked in place once set.
  • + Comfort: As far as bragging rights go, the ICON has got the exotic visual to comfort ratio in the bag; while not as magical as the $950 Steelcase Leap, the ICON offers great lumbar and neck support while holding you comfortably in its gentle convex grip. The reclining abilities tend to remind one of a first-class cabin in an airplane, as it offers the perfect position to completely relax while still being able to easily keep your eyes on a screen without experiencing discomfort.
  • + Build: The frame of the ICON is made entirely out of steel, which gives it quite a bit of heft. This formidable frame is accentuated with brushed aluminum where exposed and is very sturdy at the joints. The chair itself reflects the sturdiness of the frame rather well and is quite quiet when manipulated and adjusted. The leather and stitching feel like high-grade materials and the way they’re held together without glaring seams and joints shows off a bit of class. The leather itself squeaks quite a bit when brushed against certain materials, and if you enjoy a quiet chair, this might not be the one for you. The base features a five-star frame with cast rollers fitted on to each limb, all fashioned out of steel and aluminum, except for the rollers. The build quality of the ICON suggests that it’s built to withstand the trials of a few decades.


  • Adjustability: The ICON, unlike most gaming chairs, does not offer the ability to recline your chair too -180 degrees; instead, it’s rather limited to -135 degrees and offers no footrest options. The ICON also lacks any modular spaces for accessories to be fit, which does disappoint but isn’t terribly missed.
  • Comfort: The center of the backrest offers plenty of breathabilities, which comes as a welcome addition to a leather upholstered chair, but comes at the price of comfort as the slightly tough material that makes up the majority of the backrest can create a lot of contrast on comfort compared to the soft leather and foam that makes up the rest of the seat.
  • Build: The leather itself might not last very long if not maintained and looked after with due diligence. Leather does not do well with moisture and should be kept out of direct sunlight, which does limit the environments and everyday hazards you can expose it to.

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The best budget gaming chair is: Steelcase Gesture


If you want to have the most comfortable gaming chair out there, then look no further than the Steelcase Gesture. This brand is known to produce some of the best computer gaming chairs on the market and the Steelcase Gesture is probably the most comfortable one out there. How comfortable is it? Just imagine sitting on a cloud while you’re gaming. That is probably the best description I can give you when talking about this chair’s ergonomics. Much like the SAYL Chair, the Steelcase Gesture’s padding is filled with smart memory foam that conveniently adjusts when you sit on it. Further, the backrest is just absolutely incredible, and the motion it delivers when tilting backward is extremely satisfying. This is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs.

If you want to lean back and rest a little bit, that is pretty much okay with the Gesture. In fact, it will probably be too comfortable for you in that you might fall asleep because of it! Other than its comfort, the Steelcase gesture is durable. Its frame is made from reinforced steel and its armrest is made of durable plastic. To further convince you that this gamer chair warrants its price, the Steelcase Gesture also comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Racing style chair (Requires Steering Wheel)


This product is the only racing-style gaming chair on the list. It doesn’t come with a pedestal so it can just be mounted on a couch like the rocker types. This video game chair is suitable to use whether you’re playing on the console or on the PC. The Openwheeler advanced racing seat, albeit a racing-style chair, doesn’t come with a steering wheel and a clutch. You have to buy it separately which will add to the total cost of the product. Although it is pricey at $399 (excluding the steering wheel), the Openwheeler advanced racing seat offers superb comfort and it is also lightweight as well. This PC gaming chair is highly adjustable and you can tweak it according to your preference.

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The Best computer chairs for gaming – Herman Miller Embody


Before proceeding to the ultimate video game chair, we would also like to make an honorable mention to the Aeron By Herman Miller. Since the Aeron is also a great chair for gaming, however, we personally thought that the embody was a slightly better option.

The last one on the list is one of the most expensive ones on the market. It currently costs around $1400 and it can deter some people from buying it. But, does it have what it takes to warrant its asking price? Well, when it comes to aesthetics, the Herman Miller Embody is one of those PC gaming chairs that has a cosmetic appeal. It’s got the usual features found in other PC gaming chairs such as a comfortable back and armrest, durable construction, and the like. But, what separates this one from the others (well, aside from its looks) is the padding. According to the official manufacturer, the Herman Miller Embody helps improve blood and oxygen stimulation in the body thanks to its ergonomic design. It also has a “skin-like” textile that will allow air to circulate even when you’re sitting on it for hours. In layman’s terms, this chair remains cool no matter how long you sit on the thing. This gaming seat is also backed by a hefty 12-year warranty and is consistently one of the best premium gaming seats out on the market.

Gaming seats, albeit often overlooked, is a very important thing to have, especially if you want to take care of yourself when you’re gaming for hours on end.
These things will not only provide you with comfort, but it will also allow you to play properly because they improve your posture while gaming.

If you do not know which ones to buy, I have narrowed down some of the best out there for different price points.
Remember, if you want to game safely and competitively, always invest in a good gaming chair. They will last longer and it is a great investment for your gaming setup.

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Best gaming chair under 300

Vertagear Triiger 275

Vertagear Gaming chair

Why it’s good: Easy setup, four color options, Comfortable

Vertagear is one of those companies that goes toe-to-toe with the popular DXRacer line of gaming seats.

Although this is a gaming seat, it doesn’t have the aesthetics of a typical PC gaming chair. In fact, the Triiger 275 looks like an office chair. Whether this is a good or a bad thing depends on personal preference.

The Triiger 275 is very comfortable thanks to the mesh pattern on the backrest and leather calfskin on some of the accents of the chair (the ones with the colored bits).

The mesh allows your back to breathe and is perfect for people who live in hotter climates. This will also ensure that your back won’t stick or feel sweaty overtime.

Great chairs for gaming often come with wheels and casters that are not only durable but also allows for easy maneuverability.

That is evident in the Triiger 275 as it comes with a 65mm hub-less caster. Without getting too technical, this means that the wheels are so quiet even when moving around, though, I have to point out that there are some surfaces that it doesn’t glide with ease. But, in most cases, the wheels provide a smooth glide.

One of the main features of the Triiger 275 is its adjustment paddles. Two of them are located on either armrest, and another one is situated just below the chair on the right side.

The left armrest paddle is for tilt adjustment, the right paddle is for adjusting the height of the chair, and the paddle that’s on the lower right side is the rigidity adjustment.

All of these adjustment paddles are very easy to use, but it may require some time getting used to since it is a feature that is not commonly found in other chairs.

This chair for gaming also has four different colors you can choose from Black, White, Blue, and Red.

With the feature set, you can expect the price to be a bit high at $599.99. But, it is pretty much worth your money.

Why it’s Good: Well-known brand, Ergonomically good for gaming

If you frequently watch a lot of eSports matches or people who stream via Twitch, you may have seen the brand “DXRacer.”

DXRacer is probably one of the most popular brands of gaming computer chair on the market. In fact, it has been used quite a lot in certain eSports, and some pro teams like Fnatic and Dignitas also uses their video game chairs.

The DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD101/NW, a handful of a name, is actually part of the company’s budget-friendly lineup.

For brevity, I am just going to call this chair the “FD101”. Anyway, the FD101 sports the company’s famed Racing chair design and it is perfect for people who are under 300 lbs. It is also a great chair for people who are under 6’2 in height.

Anyway, the DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD101/NW is the White/Black color, with the NW as an indicator of the color the chair’s going to be.

One of its biggest features is its ergonomic design. The FD101 comes with a high backrest that perfectly rests your back and head which is great for prolonged gaming sessions.

Furthermore, there is an included headrest pillow which you can attach if you want to. If you do attach it, make sure that you put it in an orientation that perfectly rests your head to avoid pain due to prolonged use.

The armrest is also adjustable. You can move it forward or backward so you can perfectly tune it to your preference for supreme comfort.

It’s got a nylon base, and the gaming office chair comes with 2-inch casters that can glide easily on almost all surfaces except those with a rough flooring.

Other than its comfort and ergonomics, there are no more special features to be said with the FD101.

But, since the company’s been well-known in the gaming industry, you might want to get one for yourself at a sub $300 price point.

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GM Seating Ergolux office chair

Why it’s Good: 3D Armrest, Executive-style chair, Genuine leather, Great Design

If you want a professional looking chair for gaming that not only has the looks, but also the comfort and ergonomics as well, then the GM Seating Ergolux definitely fits the bill.

When you look at its design, the chair screams “Comfort!”. This chair is predominantly made with genuine calfskin leather which provides unparalleled comfort.

It has a headrest which you can adjust to your liking, and it also has a movable lumbar support that adjusts to your lumbar with ease.

The chair comes with a “3D armrest” which is just a fancy term for a set of armrests that can be adjusted thoroughly. Whether you want to adjust its height, move it forward/backward, or change its angle, you can do so with the Ergolux.

The GM Seating Ergolux is what you would call as a “reactive” chair because it adjusts itself automatically when you sit on it.

When you put your back on the backrest, the lumbar and head support will automatically fit your back and head, respectively. This is great because you can sit on this chair for a long period of time without having to adjust a lot of levers, knobs, or paddles.

The base and the casters are so durable as well. It has a metal base that can surely last for a long time and the wheels and casters provide a comfortable glide. Because of the material of the base, it adds a bit of heft to the chair when you lift it, but that is to be expected.

Despite the praises, there are two things you need to be aware of. First, the chair comes in a package that is so hard to unpack. Moreover, the assembly of the chair will take some time due to the number of parts you have to put in.

Second, this is a heavy chair, but it also means that the quality of the chair is topnotch. It is durable while also providing unparalleled comfort.

And lastly, this chair is an expensive chair. It used to be so expensive (like more than $1000). Thankfully, there was a sale on Amazon and the price cut was huge, it is just too hard to pass up the offer.

With an executive-style chair with the looks and comfort to complement it, the GM Seating Ergolux is a chair that you should definitely consider when buying a great chair for gaming.

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DXRacer Drifting Series OH/DF73/NC

Why it’s Good: PU Foam for more comfort, Durable

Another DXRacer gaming office chair, the DXRacer Drifting Series OH/DF73/NC is a bit different in that the backrest and the sides are made of a breathable Polyurethane foam that adds more comfort than the previous DXRacer chair I’ve recommended.

Again, for the sake of brevity, I am going to refer to this chair as the “DF73”. This chair is highly ergonomic, and its design is just a bit different than the previous recommendation.

There are three color options you can choose from Black/White, Black/Gray, and the popular Coffee black.

Knowing DXRacer, they make exceptionally durable gaming pc chairs. This chair comes with an aluminum base with 2-inch casters that are smooth and glides easily on nearly all surfaces.

Now, I am going to touch more on the PU Foam. This foam is much softer, providing you with a chair that you can sit on comfortably for more than 8 hours (which according to the site, is the usual no. of hours of gaming for pro gamers).

The DF73 also comes with the lumbar cushion and headrest for even more comfort, though, I have to point out that both of these accessories aren’t different from the ones that you get from the FD101

This gaming office chair also allows you to tilt the backrest up to 135-degrees so you can have a power nap in between your gaming sessions.

Other than the PU Foam, the Drifting series from DXRacer is not that much different from the FD101. If you want a more comfortable material for the backrest, then get the DXRacer Drifting Series OH/DF73/NC.

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Dxracer Formula Series DOH/FH08/NR

Why it’s Good: PU Material, Durable, 180-degree tilt

Has it ever occurred to you where you’ve played for a couple of hours and you want to rest just beside your computer, but you can’t because your current chair is just too uncomfortable?

I have experienced that plenty of times and a lot of gamers as well. Wouldn’t it be great if there is a chair that allows you to sleep on it comfortably?

Well, the Dxracer Formula Series DOH/FH08/NR is the answer. The Formula series racing chair’s main feature is its 180-degree tilt which allows you to sleep after a gaming marathon.

The chair is still predominantly made of Polyurethane material, but unlike the drift series where it is much more padded and foamy, this one doesn’t have that.

Despite its lack of a foamy backrest, it is still quite comfortable. Couple that with the included headrest and lumbar support, and you’re in for a treat.

The FH08 is also quite durable as the base is made of steel instead of plastic. This is just needed because of the 180-degree tilt.

Other than that, there’s nothing much different in this gaming pc chair. It is nearly the same as the previous DXRacer chairs in this article.

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Merax Racing Style Gamer Chair

Why it’s Good: Adjustable footrest, 180-degree tilt, Maximum comfort

The DXRacer chairs are considered as “Racing chairs” because of its design, and although it does have a lot of great features and ergonomics, it lacks one feature that would’ve made it even better: a footrest.

Yes, the DXRacer chairs can tilt up to a maximum of 180 degrees, but it doesn’t have that footrest which means that your feet should be planted on the ground.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a gaming pc chair that has this one feature? Well, there is!

The Merax Racing Style gaming chair is one of a unique chair on the market because of its main feature: its adjustable footrest.

The footrest is tucked underneath the chair in which you can just pull it out whenever you need it.

Plus, the chair can tilt up to 180-degrees back so you can have that perfect power nap after an intense gaming session.

The Merax Racing Style chair is made of PU leather which, as you’ve probably known by now, is a comfortable material. It is deemed as a breathable material, but based on various reviews, it is not as breathable as a mesh.

It is important to note that this gaming pc chair is an “executive” style chair in that it is rather big; just like an office chair that your boss is using.

To up your gaming experience, you need to have a chair that is so comfortable, and so the Merax video game chairs for adults comes with a headrest and lumbar support cushion as well.

With its footrest and 180-degree tilt support, you might be wondering if the base can support it. Well, it comes with an aluminum base which ensures that the chair won’t fall off or get destroyed because of too much weight.

Seriously, if you’re a gamer that wants maximum comfort while gaming, the Merax Racing Style gaming chair is one that you should consider buying.

Budget Chairs for Gaming

If you do not have a lot of money to spend on a comfortable chair for gaming, then this section is for you.

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Homycasa Office Chair

Why it’s Good: Various design options, comfortable

If you want a typical office chair that guarantees comfort, then the Homycasa Office chair is a prime choice.

One of its highlights is that it comes in various design options: from the usual office chair design to a racing style design. Prices vary depending on the style.

What I love about this office chair is that even if you’ve bought the cheapest option, it is very comfortable.

It uses a padded foam mesh material on the seat and the back which means that it is breathable and comfortable at the same time.

When you purchase the much more expensive models, the two major differences will be a bigger backrest and the slightly larger armrests.

Keep in mind that even though this office chair doesn’t come with those headrest lumbar support cushions, it can still perfectly support your entire back (including your head). That is because it has an executive design which means that the back support extends to your head so that it can support it; perfect for long gaming marathons.

What surprised me, though, is the fact that this chair can support up to 330lbs (120-150KG) of weight. So, no matter how heavy you are, as long as you’re below 330lbs, the chair can support you without any problems.

Setup is a breeze, and the aluminum base ensures that it can last for a very long time. If you want a comfortable chair for gaming with various design options, the Homycasa Office Chair is the one you’re looking for. This is the best gaming computer chair.

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Merax High-Back

Why it’s Good: Flip up armrest, Very comfortable

Executive-style chairs are pretty rampant in the sub $200 price point, and the Merax High-back game chair fits the bill.

The design of this video game chairs for adults is like that of the DXRacer chairs recommended above, but the only difference is that this one is more comfortable because of its cushion.

This gaming chair for pc uses PU leather, and the interesting thing here is that the manufacturers make it a point to make the backrest extra comfortable by providing more cushion, especially for the middle of your back.

Also, to add to the comfort, this computer chair for gaming also comes with a headrest and a lumbar support. The lumbar support is nice because instead of a small pillow, it is actually a much larger one to support your entire lumbar spine. The only downside is that the lumbar support cannot be adjusted, but it does serve its purpose well.

Another key feature of the Merax High-back computer chair for gaming is its flip-up armrests. If you want to do something other than gaming like going for some stretches, doing some seated exercises, and what have you, all you have to do is flip up the armrests, and you’re good to go.

The chair’s base and armrests are supported by aluminum which not only increases its overall durability, but it also looks impressive and high-class as well.

Now, since this computer chair for gaming is quite popular, a lot of other manufacturers are making counterfeit copies of this particular product.

To avoid confusion and more piracy, the company opted to include the Merax branding on the headrest. So, if your Merax chair comes with the company’s branding on the headrest, you are assured that you got the original product.

Probably, the only thing I will complain about this chair is that its tilt is only up to 135-degrees. If that doesn’t bother you, the Merax high-back chair for gamers is a great and comfortable chair.

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Furmax Executive Racing Style chair

Why it’s Good: Three different color options, comfortable, Flip-up Armrest

If you’re low on cash to spend on a comfortable gaming chair, then I would highly recommend the Furmax Executive Racing Style Chair to you.

This chair is comfortable as it uses a Polyurethane Leather material on both the seat and the backrest.

The good thing about the Furmax computer chair for gaming is that it also comes with the flip up armrests; a feature that is usually only found in video game chairs for adults that are priced over $100. It is interesting to see that the manufacturer included this feature in a budget chair for gaming.

This chair has a 5-star nylon base which secures the entire thing. It also supports a maximum of 330lb of weight which is pretty good and should accommodate most gamers.

There are three different color options to choose from, and the price varies depending on which color you choose. You can choose the blue/black, red/black, and black/red (the first color is more dominant than the other).

Even though this is a great budget-friendly computer chair for gaming, there are some things you need to keep in mind first.

The chair is only ideal for people who are 5’7 in height or below. That is because the backrest is not long enough for people that are above the said height.

Furthermore, there are no included headrest or lumbar support cushions. But, since this is a kids gaming chair, there are bound to compromise, right?

The good thing is that the manufacturer is willing to replace any damaged parts during shipping, absolutely for free! Now, that’s a guarantee I can live by.

So, if you do not have a ton of money to spend on a computer chair gaming, the Furmax Executive Racing Style chair is perfect for you.

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Homall Executive Office

Why it’s Good: Comfortable, Awesome Guarantee

Another sub $100 executive-style computer chair gaming, the Homall Executive Office Chair looks plain and simple, which is a good thing.

This computer chair gaming predominantly uses a PU leather material which is known for its comfort. But, the thing is that the manufacturers opt to have a mesh design on the seat to allow your butt to breathe; great if you’re going to sit on it for extended periods of time.

One key feature of the Homall Executive Office Chair is that it allows you to rock the backseat back and forth as you please. It comes with a locking mechanism if you choose to lock the backrest in place and you can also choose to unlock it so that you can freely move it if you so desire.

People who are a bit overweight will be pleased to know that this video game chair can support up to 280lbs.

Supporting the entire chair is a metal base that has 2-inch casters. It can glide through all surfaces such as carpets, tiles, and wooden floors. It is interesting, though, that the wheels feel kind of coarse when gliding through wooden surfaces. But, it is not too big of a deal as the casters will not scratch the delicate flooring.

The Homall Executive Office Chair does not come with a headrest cushion, but there is a built-in headrest which provides more cushioning to the back of your head.

The lumbar support is also built-in, and it also has an extra padding to give your back that much-needed comfort.

In fact, one person who bought this chair said that it helped him alleviate his back aches after months of use.

Like the aforementioned budget gaming chairs, the Homall Executive Office Chair comes in four different color options: Blue, Blue/Black, Red, and Red/Black. The different colors are priced differently, up to a maximum of $90.

One last thing to note about this video game chair is that it comes with an awesome guarantee. If there are parts missing or broken during delivery, the manufacturer can replace that without any questions asked.

And what’s more, if you are not happy with your purchase, you can simply return the chair, and you will get your money back, no questions asked!

That’s a tough deal to beat. And, with its comfort and rocking functionality, the Homall Executive Office Chair is a great buy.

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Best pc gaming chair under 100 – Merax Ergonomic High-Back

Why it’s Good: Thick padding for added comfort, adjustable footrest

If you wanted to have that Merax chair above because of its adjustable footrest, but you just didn’t have enough money to spend, then its smaller brother might entice you.

The Merax Ergonomic high-back chair is nearly the same as the one I’ve recommended above with some minor differences.

Some differences include the weight support and the base. But other than that, the chair is nearly identical to its bigger brother.

Having the ability to have a footrest is a godsend for many gamers. This is one feature that’s been sought after, but none of the more popular gaming chair manufacturers are taking action to include it in their products.

Thankfully, you can get this chair for only $110. It is important to know that this chair only supports up to 250lbs of weight, it is much lesser than its bigger brother’s 330lb weight support.

This video game chair is also comfortable. It uses the same PU leather material as its older brother, and it inherits the design as well.

The footrest is also tucked in underneath the seat wherein you can just pull it out whenever you need it.

And, if you decide to take a quick nap, the PC gamer chair can also tilt up to a maximum of 180-degrees as well. It also includes a tilt-lock mechanism so you can lock the chair’s tilt without having to worry if it is going to move or not.

The Merax Ergonomic high-back chair is built to last and has incredible aesthetics for its price.

Again, if you cannot afford the much more expensive Merax PC gamer chair above, then its little brother will not disappoint!

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Modway Edge Office review

Why it’s Good: Comfortable, Armrests can be lifted up

Great chairs for gaming doesn’t necessarily have to have that “gaming chair” tag; it just has to be comfortable for prolonged hours of gaming.

The Modway Edge Office Chair is technically an office chair that you would normally see in an office environment. But, despite its moniker, the Edge is one of the most comfortable chairs to sit on, especially when you’re playing on your PC.

It has this leather material that provides that cushion your butt needs if you’re planning to sit for a couple of hours at a time.

It also has a breathable backrest that has a mesh pattern which provides air to your back, thus, making it not sticky in hot weather conditions.

The biggest selling point of the Modway Edge Office Chair is its armrest. The armrests are comfortable, and it has a soft leather cushion on it as well.

But, that is not why this chair is amazing. Rather, the armrests can be lifted up so that it won’t hinder your movement.

That’s right; if you want to use the chair for purposes other than gaming (like playing the guitar, for example), the armrests can be lifted so that it doesn’t get in your way.

Well, the only real problem for me is that the Modway Edge doesn’t come with a headrest. It doesn’t have a cushion or anything; all it has is an ergonomic and comfortable backrest and that’s it.

It might be a bummer for some, but take my word that this chair is one of the most comfortable out there. And what’s good is that it doesn’t have a heavy price tag!

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Types of video game chairs

Unbeknownst to many, there are actually a lot of different types of branded video game chairs for adults. I will go over them so you can better understand each one. In general, you can divide gaming seats into two categories, for console gaming, and for PC gaming.


Pedestal Gaming Chairs. A pedestal chair is probably the most basic gaming seats on the market. It’s got a pedestal (hence the name) and it can be adjusted to swivel in any direction. Most of the pedestal chairs found on the market are either made of leather or cloth. If you choose to buy one of these, you have to decide on which material you’re most comfortable with. These type of gaming chairs are intended for console gaming.


Rockers. A “rocker” chair doesn’t come with a pedestal or anything to make it swivel. This type of gaming seat sits directly on the floor or you can mount it on something. These are also intended for console gaming.


PC Gaming Chairs or Computer Gaming Chairs. A PC gaming seat is specifically made for gaming on a PC. The aforementioned ones can be used on a couch or when you’re playing on consoles but the branded PC gaming chairs can have a lot more features than them. PC chairs for gaming usually have a headrest, an armrest, a lot of adjustabilities and they usually have a great back padding to help provide great comfort to your back.


Racers. There are also game chairs that are made specifically for racing games. They are called Racer gaming chairs but they are popularly called as “racers”. Basically, Racer gaming chairs can be equipped with a wheel, an accelerator, clutch, and brakes; similar to what you can find on a regular car.

Now that you know the different types of video game chairs for adults, the next thing I will talk about are the things you should look for when buying a good chair for gaming.

  • Comfort. The thing about ergonomic chairs and why we recommend them for gamers is that they provide comfort, especially for prolonged gaming sessions. In most cases, they come with amazing and unique features. For example, some chairs come with a headrest, an armrest, and a special cushioning system on the back. Also, when it comes to the padding, think first whether you’d want a leather padding or a cloth padding. That is because this criterion is subjective; leather might be comfortable for some but not for others and vice versa. Other chairs tend to focus more on the flexibility, allowing you to customize the chair to your own preferences.
  • Materials. The next important thing you’re going to look out for is the materials used. If you want to have a great gaming chair that can last you for a long time, you need to look at what it is made of. Is it made of steel or just plastic? What are the materials used for the padding of the chair? Is it made of leather or cloth? Always choose a gaming seat that is sturdy enough to last a long time. In other words, how is the durability?
  • Size. The size of the gaming seat also matters, so do consider it before buying one. There are gaming chairs that are appropriately sized for the average person, but there are some people who are a bit bigger than normal. Size does matter as you want to have a gaming chair that is comfortable to use for hours and a chair that will nestle your butt without problems.
  • Unique Features. There are some gaming chairs that provide maximum comfort without the added bells and whistles but most of the popular gaming chairs out there offer unique features. Although this is completely optional, you want to avail of these amazing features. Some features include additional speakers on the side, input and output jacks, wireless receivers, and much more.
  • Price. The last thing you should definitely consider before buying a gaming seat for you is the price. Although gaming chairs provide comfort, not all gaming chairs provide the best value. There are some chairs out there that are only expensive because of the brand but it doesn’t have great features. Furthermore, there are gaming chairs out there that are not priced too high but provide the maximum value to the consumer. Be sure to never overlook the pricing when you’re going to buy your chair.
    Like buying graphics cards, not a lot of people will want to dish out huge sums of money for a gaming seat. You’ve probably even just considered this when you’ve read the article. Although this guide will help you through as we will post recommendations for the budget, midrange, and high-end gaming seats.

Casters and Wheels

Before I end the article, I will talk a little bit about casters and wheels. For those of you who do not know, casters and wheels are the ones you usually find on office or gaming seats that allow you to move freely without having to stand up and push the chair.
Now, the default casters and wheels found in office and gaming seats are good enough, but some of them might scratch your floors.
Luckily, there are caster and wheel replacements out on the market that will eliminate floor scratching and will also eliminate the chair from moving too much.
Although they are optional, I recommend buying replacement caster and wheels if the default ones’ scratch or damage your floors.

Types of Casters

There are two types of casters you should be aware of.

  1. Rigid Caster. The Rigid Casters are quite common back in the day. Although these casters help move the chair, it is only limited to forward and backward movements. If you want to move sideways or diagonally, you’re out of luck. Fortunately, there is a new type of caster that is now common in most gaming and office chairs.
  2. Swivel Caster. The Rigid caster was good but it has now since been replaced by the Swivel Caster. The limitation of the former caster is that it only moves forward or backward. The Swivel Caster, on the other hand, moves in all directions. There are also several types of swivel casters such as:
    a. Kingpin-Less Casters. This is the most durable swivel caster on the market since it doesn’t come with a nut and bolt kingpin. If you are a rage gamer, the Kingpin-less caster is the one you should buy.
    b. Locking Casters. The next subtype of the Swivel caster is the Locking caster. This caster has a locking mechanism which will prevent the chair from unwanted movement.
    c. Plate Casters. This is another common type of Swivel Caster. Basically, the plate caster comes with a plate (hence the name) that can be attached to the underside of the chair. It’s not as useful as the other two but still, it is widely used as it is easy to put on.
    As for the wheels, they are usually made of different materials, and they can affect the way a gaming seat performs. Some commonly used materials for the wheel are Metal, Polyurethane, Plastic, Pneumatic, and Rubber.
    Metal wheels are the most durable types of wheels; though, they can also scratch your floors very easily. Rubber is another durable type of wheel and it, too, can cause scratches on your floor (albeit, not as often as the metal wheels).
    If you want to protect your floors, get some wheels that are made of either Polyurethane, Plastic, or Pneumatic materials. That is because they provide enough cushioning, and they are also soft on the floors.
    Again, casters and wheels are optional but if you want to protect your floors, then, by all means, buy one. Here are some of recommended Casters and Wheels you can buy.

Office Gliders Office Chair Caster Replacement


Office Gliders Office Chair Caster Replacement. The Office Glider casters are made of Polyurethane material so that it won’t scratch your floors. They are also well built in that there will be no squeaking and unnecessary noise made by these casters. Furthermore, these casters are carpet friendly as well. You will not run into problems rolling your gaming seat on your carpet as it just glides through. And lastly, the Office Glider casters are easy to install and requires no technical knowledge. All the instructions on how to install these casters are found on the instructional manual that is included with the product.

Premium Caster Office Chair Caster Replacement

Although this caster is made for office chairs, they can be installed on best chairs for adult gamers as well. This caster is also made of Polyurethane, and because of that, it protects your floors; whether your floors are made of hardwood, tile, laminate, slate, and others, you will not have to worry about your gaming seat scratching it. It is also very easy to clean, and it comes with a black and gray color scheme to match any gaming or office chair. It also provides smooth movements thanks to its Lithium-based grease that is put on the casters.

Reliable Hardware Company Casters Replacement

Lastly, these casters from the Reliable Hardware company is quite popular online. In fact, it garnered the #1 Best Seller award on Amazon. What makes these casters great? Well, this is a plate-type swivel caster that can be slapped on any gaming or office chair with ease. It is also the only caster in this list that is made of rubber, which not only protects your floors from scratches, but it also provides smooth movements on floors and carpets.

A gaming desk chair is a good investment. If you want to enjoy your gaming experience, then definitely buy one.
Gaming chairs with wheels can last a very long time with proper care and use. Also, do not buy those expensive, $300+ best gaming chairs for adults. When you are talking about the perfect chair for gaming, it doesn’t have to be pricey; it just has to have the right ergonomics and features.

As for casters and wheels, they are optional. If you find that your current office or gaming chair with wheels is scratching your floors, then buying some casters and wheels will be a good choice.
They aren’t mandatory but I find that most caster and wheel replacements are way better than the default ones.
Again, invest money in a good gaming chair. It doesn’t have to cost a lot; it just has to be comfortable enough to sit on for hours.


If you want to love your PC gaming experience, even more, I highly suggest that you get a comfortable chair for gaming.

It might not be a “gaming” chair; you can even use an office chair that is comfortable and has the head and lumbar support a gamer needs.

I have highlighted some of the best chairs for gaming above; all at different price points so that you can choose which ones are right for you.

Choosing the right gaming desk chair is mostly a preference thing, but you always have to put in mind comfort above everything else.

In the process of creating this guide, we have tested many of the current best gaming chairs. Without naming any names, we have to admit that almost all of them “sucks” (excuse my language). So our advice is to not waste your money on gaming chairs but invest in a decent ergonomic office chair instead. They might cost you a bit more, but they are the superior option in the long run. Before we get into our office chair recommendations, let’s talk about why gaming chairs are a bad choice.

Best Office Chairs for Gaming

The chair you sit in can make all the difference in your ability to withstand fatigue. A proper ergonomic office chair will not tote a racing-like design, or popular figures seen using the chair. They will primarily focus on the comfort features and ergonomics.

Fortunately, there are many great options available when it comes to ordinary office chairs. Here are our recommendations for the Best Office Chairs available now.

OfficIkea Markus – A great budget office chair

Through generations of experience in creating office chairs, Ikea’s come to develop the perfect balance between comfort,  quality, and price. The Markus is a chair that has held the title of being the best office and gaming chair to have when on a budget. The Ikea Markus features build quality and comfort that’s on par with many luxury office chairs while being priced several hundreds of dollars under them.

A fine mesh runs along the high-backed frame of the Markus and ends in a soft, cushioned headrest. The mesh offers firm support while retaining breathability so that long hours in the Markus are airy and pleasant. Ikea has found that sweet spot where comfort and healthy posture overlap and they’ve fully applied that knowledge when building this chair. The upright seat guarantees that your back is always positioned in a manner that’s good for your spine and eliminates fatigue that’s associated with long hours in a chair.

The Markus isn’t as adjustable as most other chairs on this list, but there’s still some versatility. The seat can be reclined and has both a tilt and rocker system available. The tilt comes with a tension control that sits just beside the height adjustment lever.

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Officemaster OM5


The designer of the OM5 from OfficeMaster was cut from the same cloth as the mind behind the Herman-Miller Aeron, and the innovation that stems from this lineage shows very clearly in the OM5. The OM5 boasts an auto-adjustment system that contours itself to your spine and was designed with several usage positions in mind.  The only manual adjustment control on this chair is alone height adjustment paddle that sits, semi-concealed, under the chair, but still easily accessible.

The beauty of the OM5 lies in its simplicity and design. The complex roller mechanisms that control the auto-flex are hidden away and well protected. The OM5 also features a wide range of customizability options that span everything from beautiful leather, fabric and color combinations to useful upgrades like headrests, armrests, and coat-hangers, to name a few.

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Ultimate pc gaming chair Raynor Ergohuman

The Raynor Ergohuman’s built itself a small cult following in many an office building. It’s unique and daring design sees it either completely loved or passively disliked by many in the business. For all its interesting charm and visuals, the Ergohuman shows no slack for it when it comes to comfort and ergonomics. Although not as comfortable as an Aeron or Embody, the Ergohuman still provides a pleasant office experience.

Designed to be used during long hours, the Ergohuman eliminates a lot of fatigue and optimizes productivity by aggressively enforcing healthy posture. This alone can be uncomfortable for the first week or so, but the benefits began to shine pretty quickly, making the Ergohuman a formidable office chair to those who enjoy healthy posture and aren’t put off by it.

The Ergohuman features a single paddle that controls all of the adjustment options, which are: seat depth, seat recline and tilt and seat height. The armrests are 4D adjustable, and the seat itself comes with quite a lot of build options. You can choose from a wide range of accessories, which includes headrests and leather upholstery.

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Herman-Miller Aeron

The Office chair that set the bar that most other manufacturers aspire to; the Herman-Miller Aeron defined an entire generation’s idea of an ideal workspace. Designed the “World’s first fully ergonomic office chair,” the Herman-Miller Aeron has held that title high and carried it through the decades with a timeless design. Boasting features that were quickly adopted by many other manufacturers, the Aeron quickly developed a strong following amongst the “whos-who” of the business world.

The Aeron features a PostureFit system that guides your body to healthy posture and can even flex itself just right to fit your spine. The additional lumbar support and support pads offer a much more personal fit and are designed only to need adjusting once. The Aeron features a breathable mesh and an ergonomic seat that both provide firm support while being breathable.

The adjustment options on the Aeron are plentiful and can be used to help find the perfect fit for you. The PostureFit system can be adjusted to not be as active in enforcing posture by adjusting a knob that sits behind the backrest; this lets you gradually move over to a healthier posture without discomfort. The Aeron also features 4D armrests, a tilt with tilt lock and height adjustment. The lack of a recliner is rather noticeable. The Aeron comes in three different size options and offers you the ability to strip features for a lower price.

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Steelcase Leap

The Steelcase Leap is the highest selling chair from Steelcase, making it one of the most popular high-end office chairs in the world. The Leap is a smart chair that puts your posture first; always assigning itself a new seat-angle profile based on the way you move. The Leap might not be as dramatically corrective as some of the other smart chairs on the market, but that subtlety works in its favor.

The Leap is designed with an adjustable lumbar support that sits behind the backrest of the chair, which can be manually adjusted to alter just how aggressively the Leap enforces healthy posture. The seat is upholstered in fabric that comes in many different colors, and can even be swapped for top-grade leather.

The adjustment options for the Leap are rather standard today, but Steelcase always seems to push the best in quality when it comes to sourcing the parts. The Leap can be reclined and features a system that automatically adjusts seat depth when you recline, letting your head keep track of your monitor in a much more comfortable manner. The Leap also boasts a class 4 gas piston to adjust its height. It also comes with adjustable armrests.

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Herman-Miller Sayl

The Sayl is a product of that Herman-Miller ingenuity that focuses on providing you with cutting-edge luxury and technology without breaking your bank. The Sayl is built with structure, design, and ergonomics in mind, rather than materials. The amount of science that has gone into the research and creation of the Sayl is incredibly detailed and impressive.

The Sayl’s hallmark is its unique profile that’s designed from the ground up to be comfortable and fit the majority of body-types out there. It’s also constructed out of entirely recyclable materials and is environment-friendly certified!

The backrest on the Sayl mimics the bellow of a sail in the wind, giving the Sayl a very high-end classy look that helps define the setting you place it in. The cradle of the Sayl is made of a flexible polymer that’s reinforced by the frame running along the back, and the bottom of the seat is a soft cushioned fabric that comes in several color options. You can adjust the height, tilt and seat depth of the chair. The Sayl also features a pair of adjustable armrests, a swivel and a choice of wheels, bases, and frames.

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Best pc chair Steelcase Gesture

The Steelcase Gesture is a smart-chair that was designed to be used for long hours without inducing fatigue. The Gesture doesn’t adjust itself the way most other smart chairs do. Instead it “listens” for certain gestures your body is likely to display when you switch positions and adjusts itself accordingly. Steelcase has assigned nine preset positions to the Gesture, each of which serves an individual purpose, such as using your phone, stretching your legs or even using multiple workstations, to name a few.

Another unique feature of the Gesture is its armrests, which function and operate on a ball and socket joint, very similar to the joint in our shoulders. This creates very natural feeling adjustment movements and makes the Gesture’s armrests incredibly easy to operate from any position. The Gesture’s Core Stabilizer technology provides lumbar support that shifts on-the-fly which can have a manual adjustment module fitted to it, but only at physical retail stores and not added during online purchases.

The Gesture comes with a few accessories and plenty of personalization options, among which is the option for a stool, a choice between the wrapped fabric and leather upholstery, and several color/material schemes and finishes for the frame itself.

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Herman-Miller Celle

The Herman-Miller Celle was created to be the simplest smart chair available on the market. The lack of complicated moving parts meant that it would be easier to repair or replace in remote areas; a focus on durability also ensured that repairs would be few and far in-between. The magic of the Celle lies in the unique cell-mapped grid-mesh of its backrest, providing support that moves and flexes to conform to the lines of your body without needing any extra support.

The Celle provides a natural recline by adjusting the tilt and recliner but limiting the lumbar support, creating a very supported and relaxed recline that is still upright enough to work with. The Herman-Miller Celle also offers height adjustment and adjustable armrests. You can also add an optional adjustable lumbar support and armrests, along with an adjustable seat depth controller.

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Knoll Regeneration

The Knoll Regeneration is similar in design to its higher-priced sibling, the Knoll Generation. The focus of attention for the Regeneration, though, is taking everything that worked so well for the Generation and simplifying it to provide the “Generation experience” at a much lower price.

The Regeneration is Knoll’s ticket to go head-to-head with the Herman-Miller Sayl. Both the Sayl and the Regeneration are budget-friendly options to a normally premium lineup, and both the Sayl and Regeneration cut costs by focusing on environmentally-friendly materials and solid structure design, as opposed to being outfitted in the best materials that money can buy.

The Regeneration features a mesh back that can be upholstered in a fabric of your choice and an ergonomic seat that’s cushioned and holstered in fabric. The Regeneration also features the auto-recline feature seen on the Generation, with which one would simply need to lean back to trigger the recliner. The armrests come in two options, one of which is limited to height adjustment only whereas the other is 4D adjustable. The adjustable lumbar support can only be fitted at a Knoll store and is not available when shopping online.

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Herman-Miller Mirra 2

Herman-Miller had introduced the Mirra as an office chair that boasted the same key features as the Embody but dialed down a few notches to keep the price tag budget friendly. The result was a chair that had appealed to many everyday workers who enjoyed the added comfort and healthy seating, while still looking intriguing and stylish. After deciding that they’d needed to refresh things, Herman-Miller had taken all the positive feedback that they’d gained off the Mirra, churned it through their R&D department and simply collected the new and improved Mirra 2.

The Mirra 2 boasts an all-new frame system that supports the backrest as two individual parts, allowing you to flex your spine sideways while still finding adequate support, and adjust itself to your posture, regardless of position. The Mirra 2 comes with a strong plastic backrest that can be upholstered in a breathable fabric or mesh, or you could even have just the naked backrest by itself if you like the look. The Mirra 2 offers an adjustable recliner, tilt, and seat depth adjustment system along with its 4D adjustable armrests and height adjustment piston.

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Humanscale Freedom

If one were to look close enough, one would find quite a lot of similarities in design, between the Humanscale Freedom and the Raynor Ergohuman; but those similarities only go skin deep. The Freedom is an office chair that takes design, luxury and ergonomics to a high and blends them to achieve a chair that is not only wonderfully comfortable and fatigue eliminating, but is also luxurious and just all around pleasing.

The Freedom is noted as being one of the best office chairs available and was even dubbed “the gold standard of office seating” by The New York Times. A smart chair that foregoes all manual controls, the Humanscale Freedom even goes so far as to not insist on a tension or action control, due to the simple fact that this chair performs so perfectly that it does not require them. The only manual control available is the seat height paddle that blends itself in with the bottom of the chair.

The Freedom offers a seriously large catalog of upgrades and accessories to choose from, some of which even include fire-resistant materials, designer leathers, and gel padding!

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Most comfortable computer chair gaming Herman-Miller Embody

The legend among great office chairs, if ever there were to be one. The Herman-Miller Embody has captured the hearts of popular celebrities and business moguls alike. Designed by the mastermind behind the Herman-Miller Aeron, the pedigree of the Embody shines through any setting.

The Embody’s backrest was designed to mimic a human spine, down to the smallest movements. The result is a backrest and seat that constantly follows and supports your spine, regardless of your position. The Embody’s often rated as one of the most comfortable chairs on the market, and many would even argue that it is the most comfortable chair on the market.

The Embody does not offer a very large choice in personalization options or accessories. The upholstery comes in several colors and fabrics, offering a small choice in frame colors as well. If you crave a little more luxury, you can opt for a titanium finished frame and base, as opposed to the graphite finish that coats the frame by default.

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Hopefully, this article has shed some light on the best gaming chair for your needs.

Read this study if you want to know more.

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